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Startronics merges with Sanmina in Australia

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Startronics Pty Ltd announced that a merger with Sanmina’s Australian operations had been successfully completed. The merged entity will trade under the name of Startronics. This deal is significant as it will form the largest electronics manufacturing services company in Australia by combining the local market leader with the largest offshore player operating in the region, the company said.

As a result of the merger, Startronics will be able to provide its clients with global sourcing of products and components at internationally competitive prices. Startronics clients will also benefit from an expanding geographical footprint of high quality facilities across Australia and New Zealand. This will enhance opportunities for working closely with clients to optimise design, minimise turnaround times and inventory holdings on a globally cost competitive basis.

Startronics new CEO, Paul Appleby, said Sanmina’s Australian operations complemented the Startronics business and would enhance services for clients of the electronic manufacturing and repairs business. “The merger of Startronics with Sanmina’s Australian operations will allow us to take advantage of economies of scale and benefit from the global network Sanmina brings,” said Mr Appleby.

“We are growing our presence with operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Wellington and we will also have opportunities to facilitate high-volume, low-cost manufacturing through Sanmina’s Asian facilities where appropriate.”

Startronics Group Director Sales & Marketing, Jeff Thomas, who is joining Startronics following ten years with Sanmina in Australia, agreed that the merger was a win for existing and potential clients.

“The merged company will be well positioned to serve client needs with a presence in New Zealand and on the Australian eastern and western seaboards,” said Mr Thomas.

“We can therefore be in close and regular contact with our customers, no matter where they are located allowing more scope for hands on design modification, quick turnaround and speedy delivery.”



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